Telica WiFi Oil Filled Radiator - 1.5kW

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  • Wi-Fi Thermostat
  • LED Screen
  • Weekly Programming
  • 3 powers available
  • Silent in Operation

Telica WiFi Oil Filled Radiator - 1.5kW

The Electric Aluminum oil filled radiator by Delta Calor. Out with the old in with the new, this heater is one of the best selling Wi-Fi electric oil filled radiators in the UK!

This heater can be set to come on and off at different times of each and every day with different temperature settings using the Wi-Fi mobile app. The Telica Wi-Fi radiator is one of the few radiators with high controls and integrated Wi-Fi Connection. This allows you to control and program the radiator individually, by room or by zone.

The radiators thermal conductivity means rapid achievement of the desired temperature and gives you an excellent over desired temperature as well as a great thermal comfort.

The advanced electronics by Delta Calor incorporate a weekly programming plus a childproof control lock which locks the digital controls to prevent the heating being changed, in addition this also has an open window sensor which detects a sudden drop in temperature and the antifreeze function is activated automatically and temporarily stopping the heating to avoid any unnecessary energy consumption. The unit is compliant with European EcoDesign standards which aims to reduce the consumption of electric heaters. The heater is also designed with Wireless (WiFi Thermostat) which can be controlled through the Deltacalor Confort app which can be downloaded on Smart Phones.


  • Wi-Fi Thermostat
  • LED Screen
  • Weekly Programming
  • Childproof Control Lock which looks the digital controls
  • Open Window Sensor, Any sudden drop in the room temperature this heater defaults to antifreeze mode
  • Silent in Operation
  • Compliant with European EcoDesign
  • Digital Controls also
  • Oil filled which holds the heat generated for longer
  • Wi-Fi Controlled using the Deltacalor Confort app
  • Wall fixing kit included
  • Thermostat regulates from 0°C to 30ºC
  • 3 powers available



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Product Code Power (kW) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
ALTELWF058005FB 0.9 H580 x W480 x D100 12
ALTELWF058008FB 1.5 H580 x W720 x D100 17
ALTELWF058010FB 1.8 H580 x W880 x D100 21

I cannot set up the WiFi Thermostat?


  1. Before starting the procedure, make sure your smartphone is in airplane mode and turn on the Wi-Fi connection only .
    In fact, if an internet connection is not detected, the phone's operating system can automatically redirect the smartphone to the 4G mobile data network.
  2. Follow the operations illustrated in the video tutorial 


I cannot register with the Deltacalor Confort app?


Once you have filled in all the fields on the app you should receive a verification email at the address entered to confirm the registration. If no email is received:

  1. Check your SPAM or junk mail folder
  2. Try to enter the data again and verify that it is correct
  3. Some company emails can prevent the receipt of the confirmation email: it is advisable to use common email addresses (gmail, hotmail ...)


I have regularly connect my WiFi radiator, but i do not see it in the app?


  1. It can be caused by running in the background on your smartphone: it is recommended to restart the application, log out and then log in again.
  2. If the problem is still not solved, repeat the setup procedure.


The WiFi thermostat is reporting the wrong time?


  1. Once connected to the network, the Wi-Fi thermostat automatically sets itself to the Greenwich Mean Time zone.
  2. Follow the instructions in the manual to set the correct time zone in the appropriate section of the thermostat settings menu.


The radiator continues to heat even when it has reached the set temperature?


  1. The main feature of inertia radiators is the accumulation of heat; therefore it is normal for them to continue to emit heat for a certain period even when the thermostat signals that the desired temperature has been reached.
  2. If at the first start-up the radiator continues to heat for a long time even when the set temperature has been reached, it is advisable to interrupt the power supply from the radiator for at least one minute and then restart it.
  3. If the problem persists, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.