De'Longhi Fivy Oil Filled Electric Radiator

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The Best Selling wall mounted Oil Filled Radiator by De'Longhi.

The De'Longhi Fivy Radiator can be set to come on and off at different times of each and every day with different temperature settings. This programmable radiator is supplied with an easy to use remote control unit. The curved element technology allows for better hot airflow diffusion towards the inner room space, therefore rooms are heated much quicker than they would be from a standard panel heater.

The advanced electronics by De'longhi incorporate a daily-weekly programming plus a child safety function which lowers the surface temperature, in addition this clever heater has night, comfort, antifreeze and chrono mode settings, with the option of pilot wire control.

  • Quality designer electric radiators by De'Longhi
  • Curved design allows a better hot airflow
  • Child secure, low surface temperature to avoid burns
  • Touch remote control included with 5 different settings
  • Remote control unit stored magnetically to the front panel (supplied with wall mounting bracket)
  • Aluminium curved panel that will heat the room much quicker
  • Fluid oil filled that holds the heat generated for longer
  • Comfort setting corresponds to user desired temperature
  • Antifreeze setting fixed at 7C
  • Night time setting keeps a comfortable temperature with reduced energy costs
  • Fitted with pilot wire to enable automation from an alternative room thermostat
  • Chrono mode enables the use of three pre-set temperatures
  • Heavy duty wall fixing kit included
  • Water resistant: IP24 (suitable for bathrooms)
  • Double insulated no earth wire required
  • Pilot wire for use with automated system
  • Keypad locking avoids accidental modifications
  • Overdrive mode 2hr booster setting
  • 24hr 7 day programmer
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 Code Power (kW)  Dimensions: H-W-D (mm) Weight (kg) IP Rating 24/7hr Thermostatic Heated Area (m2)
0250065053 1.0 580 - 570 - 97 / 127* 12 24 Yes 11
0250095051 1.5 580 - 810 - 97 / 127* 17 24 Yes 16
0250115052 1.8 580 - 970 - 97 / 127* 21 24 Yes 20

 * Maximum projection with wall brackets 127mm



What is the warranty of the Fivy?

The De'Longhi Fivy comes with 5 Years on the radiator and 2 Years on the electrical components. If the Fivy stops working within the warranty period we will repair or replace with a new radiator. Please note we would need the serial number of the faulty Fivy, this can be found on the side panel. If the serial number is removed from the heater the warranty will be void.

What is the range of the remote control?

The range of the Fivy remote is 5 meters.

Are the Fivy noisy in operation?

Completely silent in operation, the only noise it will make if the open window sensor is activated it will make a bleeping noise.

Can this heater be installed in any room?

The Fivy is IP24 rated suitable for every room in the home including the bathroom. The Fivy is also suitable for commercial premises, conservatories, caravans the list is endless.

What is the depth of the Fivy radiators?

The Fivy range are all 97mm in depth, when installed on the metal wall fixing brackets the maximum projection is 127mm, basically a 30mm gap between the radiator and the wall to allow for natural circulation!

What are the benefits of the remote control?

It comes with a 2 Year warranty and includes 2 x AAA batteries. It works with all the De'longhi Fivy and Alu range. These are available in White or Anthracite depending on which heater you choose. The remote works up to a range of 5 meters and has an LCD display. The remote provides 5 operating modes which allow user to heat the environment in the most suitable way with respect to the customers needs. With Keypad lock and Child safety setting.

Where is the Fivy made?

De'Longhi is manufactured in Italy.

Is the Fivy ok for care homes or for vulnerable persons?

Yes because the Fivy is controlled by the remote control and after choosing your desired settings or heating program you can remove the remote control from its housing and the radiator works automatically 24/7. This means the heat programs cant be modified or tampered without the remote control. Also you can use the keypad lock setting, this ensures vulnerable persons cant change or unlock the setting manually without the remote or manual!

Is this heater easy to install?

The Fivy is supplied with metal wall fixings and can be hard wired or fitted with UK or EU plugs.

What side is the power cable fitted?

When the heater is fitted to the wall the power cable would be on the bottom right hand corner as you look at it! Please note this heater is "double insulated" so it does not require earth wire connection. Please note if the Black Pilot wire is not required terminate and insulate the wire, this wire should never be connected to the earth wire connection on a fused spur or plug!

Why is there no earth wire on the Fivy?

The Fivy is "double insulated in the same way as Kettles, Irons, Washing Machines, Toasters, Microwaves, Electric Heaters, Fridges, Freezers and Tumble Dryers. These products will have no earth circuit and no earth wire in the plug. Class 2 products are commonly known as 'double insulated' look for the double square symbol or insulation class ii. The Fivy heaters don't need an Earth wire even if a UK plug is the preferred option!

Will the front of the panel get too hot to touch?

The front panel will get very hot, however, the Fivy is equipped with a child safety setting that reduces the surface temperature.

How do I know if the open window function has been activated?

If a sudden drop in room temperature is detected by the thermostat, the Fivy will shut down to antifreeze mode 7C, the front light will flash RED constantly and a bleeping noise will be heard. When the temperature of the room is stabilized (window - door closed) the Fivy will automatically resume to its normal settings and the red light stops flashing and stops making a noise!

Do the Fivy remotes come with batteries?

Yes 2 x “AAA“ LR03 1.5 V alkaline batteries.

Do you keep spares for the Fivy?

Yes we keep all the spares for the De'Longhi Fivy radiators, from Remote Controls, Thermostat & PCBs, Wall Brackets and Elements. One of the many benefits of the De'Longhi Fivy is that it is environmentally friendly, which means anything that can break or fail during or after warranty we can replace, making it one of the few products in the UK that are not throw away after its life expectancy.

Do the remote controls work with any Fivy?

Yes the remotes will control any Fivy radiator, therefore any replacement remotes do not need to be programmed individually to each radiator.

Can the Fivy be switched on without the remote control?

Yes there is a on off button ”Standby” button, located at the bottom of the remote control housing on the side of the appliance (see Fig. 9) in the manual. Please note when the heater is turned on from the standby button, the ”Comfort” temperature is set at 19°C and all functions are reset to the default values.

Can the Fivy be used with the Pilot wire?

The Black Pilot wire is used to control all heaters from one central point. The automated system is generally used in France where the customer's homes are equipped with one (black wire) dedicated to "Fil Pilot" at every electric socket! However on the remote control "chrono mode setting" this can do exactly the same job as the Pilot wire, because you can program all heaters with one remote control unit. In this way all heaters can be programmed 24hr / 7 days with the settings chosen by the customer and for multiple De'Longhi Fivy heaters.

The Fivy has multiple mode & control settings what are they?

Night Eco Mode

Indicated by a "Crescent" symbol, this setting controls the Fivy from 12pm to 6am in the morning and keeps a comfortable temperature with a reduced energy consumption. Also an ideal setting if you are leaving the home for 2-3 days.

Comfort Mode

Indicated with a "Cogwheel" and corresponds to the temperature desired by the user 24/7.

Antifreeze Mode

Indicated with the "Frost" symbol, on the setting the Fivy will automatically keep the room temperature above 7C, ideal setting if you are away for longer periods or on holiday.

Chrono Mode

This setting is indicated by a "Clock" symbol this setting allows the user to set different temperatures on the Comfort and Night Eco modes over a 24 hour period for each day of the week.

Pilot Mode

This setting is indicated by the house symbol. The Black Pilot wire is used to control all heaters from one central point. This automated system is generally used in France where the customer's homes are equipped with one (black wire) dedicated to "Fil Pilot" at every electric socket! Pilot wire is not normally used in the UK, however this can be done within the Chrono mode setting.

Child Safety Setting

To activate the "child safety" function simply press the + key and the - keys together and the child safety symbol will be indicated. This means the radiator will start to cool down to a safer surface temperature, please note this could take up to 2 hours to cool down. When the child safety function is activated this will override all other settings including Night Eco, Comfort, Antifreeze, Chrono and Pilot wire control.

Open Window function

If the thermostat detects an open window - or "rapid drop in room temperature" the radiator stops heating automatically until the window is closed! the open window function will show a flashing light on the front panel and will make a warning noise!

2 Hour function

The overdrive 2 hour can be used to heat the room very quickly. When activated the temperature set point disappears from the LCD. The heater heats the room to the maximum for a 2 hour period.

Keypad Lock

It is possible to lock the radiator to avoid accidental modifications. To activate this option press the "Mode Key" and + key buttons together and hold them both down until the "Key" icon appears on the display.